Monday, 19 November 2012

Lefty Wheel axle ->

Here is the Lefty wheel axle extracted from the wheel ready for anodising:

All the bits boxed and ready:

Headset ready for anodising:::

Here are the headset cups and spacers removed from the frame and polished ready for black anodising:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Lefty Wheel Axle for Standard forks

I wanted to use a spare set of Lefty wheels on a new bike with a standard fork. I have made this custom front axle that allows the Lefty wheel to be fitted to a standard fork with a standard 9mm skewer.

I will take a clearer picture when I remove the axle ready for anodising :)

New Headset Cups for custom frame

I have made some headset cups for a new frame. The bottom cup has been made to match the diameter of Syncros fork crown fitted. The Headset cups are fitted with standard IS-2 integrated heaset sealed bearings.

 The heaset cups and spacers have been fitted and used for a few weeks to check everything is working ok. The cups will be removed and sent for anodising soon. The Headset cups will be anodised black with the recessed grooves painted in red.